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Caring for someone can be both challenging and very rewarding. TheCarer provides valuable information and advice on caring for someone close to you, whether it's a spouse, child, relative or friend, and also examines the issues associated with being employed as a carer.
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Ask Our Experts: How Do I Become a Carer For My Elderly Neighbour?, Young Carer Going...
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Caring & Bereavement: Practicalities Surrounding the Death of a Loved One, Moving on After...
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Case Studies: Caring for a Parent: A Case Study, Caring for a Spouse: A Case Study,...
Everyday Practicalities
Everyday Practicalities: Keeping Up With Dietary Requirements, Arranging...
Foster Care
Foster Care: Teenagers and Foster Carers, Becoming A Foster Carer, Fostering...
Getting Help
Getting Help: The Importance of a Care Assessment, Respite Care, How To Get Help as...
Health Matters
Health Matters: Do You Lead a Healthy Lifestyle as a Carer?, Common Health Problems...
Money Matters
Money Matters: What is a Living Will?, The Cost of Caring, Carer's Allowance,...
Who Cares
Who Cares: Caring for a Spouse, Questionnaire: Are You Suited to Being a Carer?,...
Latest Comments
  • Jools
    Re: Carer's Allowance
    I care for my mum full time...i recieve carers i qualify for free dental care?
    23 November 2020
  • baggers
    Re: Carer's Allowance
    Iam a full time carer for my mother and get £269.00 a month and no other income. am i entitled to free eye test and glasses .thanks.
    19 November 2020
  • jonjo
    Re: Could I be Exempt from Paying Car Tax?
    I receive free car tax but my car has broken down can I put my free car tax on my wifes car as she cares for me
    1 June 2020
  • Clare
    Re: Could I be Exempt from Paying Car Tax?
    Hi I’m a carer for my mum can I get for car tax or money off I use my car a lot for my mum but have children so use…
    24 April 2020
  • Purpletiger
    Re: Dealing With The Emotions Involved With Caring
    The Forgotten Carers Of course I fully respect and appreciate the extremely hard work that our wonderful…
    18 April 2020
  • Diamond82
    Re: How Do I Become a Carer For My Elderly Neighbour?
    I have been taking care of a 76yr old family friend and I have found myself spending more time and…
    15 December 2019
  • Macca
    Re: Carer's Allowance
    I'm a full time carer for my granddaughter, I live with my partner who works 3 day wk, I'm in need of dental treatment which he refuses to help…
    19 August 2019
  • Ruffuss
    Re: Health Benefits For Carer's
    I’m a career and receive £66 a week in the north west do I qualify for dental treatment Kind regards Ruth McNally
    17 August 2019
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